Ox and Hair Media

Audio Production: Ox and Hare Media

When Post-To-Print Publishers aspired to provide audio versions of our catalog, we searched for a local concern that could handle the performance segment of the project, as well as audio production and editing—areas in which PTP has/have/had (as Sheldon Cooper might say) no experience. Ox and Hare Media precisely filled that criteria, and we proudly announced the publication of our first audio edition of FROM A CAT’S VIEW in October 2019.

Ox & Hare Media was founded by Kyle Olson and Ryan FitzPatrick out of a mutual love of audio entertainment. Together, they created the MONDAY MATINEE podcast, an anthology series that allowed Kyle to practice his writing talents and Ryan to learn the production side. From this came their biggest success to date: THE SWASHBUCKLING LADIES DEBATE SOCIETY. To help them tell their stories, they assembled a  contingent of extraordinary talented friends, relations, and performers found along the path. From this beginning, Ox and Hare Media has branched into live performances, short films, and now audiobooks!

For more information visit oxandhare.com and follow them on social media by searching for OxAndHare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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