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Consulting Editor: Darren Todd


Roald Dahl, Brittish Author & Editor

Darren Todd is a prolific author and freelance editor. Renowned for his short stories, which have appeared in twenty-five publications, he also writes novelettes, novellas, plays (three produced), non-fiction essays, and has written a full-length title on copyright law and digital piracy. Additionally, Darren is an audiobook producer and voice actor, with credits for both independent and ACX productions.

Most of his works fall under the literary umbrella. His style and reading preferences tend toward the psychological, as he enjoys stories that linger in the imagination long after he’s closed the book.

A skilled editor (recently deemed “excellent” by one Kirkus reviewer), Darren joined Post-To-Print Publishers in Phoenix, AZ in late 2017 as a consultant. He has worked freelance for Evolved Publishing, out of Memphis, TN, for several years and writes book reviews for the Eric Hoffer Award. To access his podcast, Crafting the Short Story, and view a list of publications, visit darrentodd.net.