Robin Praytor, Managing Editor of Post-To-Print Publishers, splits her time between her publishing duties and writing novels and short stories. A Michigan native, she now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her patient and long-suffering husband. She is a card-carrying nerd and Comicon aficionado, with a penchant for science fiction and the paranormal.

Robin spent her corporate days drafting legal documents and creating training materials. To distract from the deadlines and to-do lists that kept her awake at night, she invented complex and quirky stories that demanded written versions. Thus, her debut novel, TRANSMUTED (a KindleScout winner), finally saw daylight, to be followed by MASS PRIMARY, the second book in the Dark Landing science fiction series, coming out early March 2018. She is currently writing the first book in a new dramedy series, EVELYN GRANGER, VAMPIRE DETECTIVE. Each book will be a stand-alone mystery set at different points in history, or in the near and far-future.