The second volume of FROM A CAT’S VIEW is available now on Amazon in e-book and paperback editions. As in the first volume, we’ve collected eighteen cross-genre, original stories for adults, told by the cats who lived them. Brilliantly written by authors in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and France. Some of whom are up-and-coming and some with impressive credentials—all of whom are amazing storytellers:

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CALIFORNIA COOKIN’ – Rachel Hope Crossman (California)
(Genre: Near Future Apocalypse)
Mega-fires ravage the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. Ash blankets communities as far away as San Francisco. Now, even the ‘hangers-on’ must let go. The responsibility to lead Gloria thru the devastation to shelter falls to Miss Molly, a 15-pound house cat with a silicon skeleton.

THE IMPORTANCE OF CATS – Keith Ahrens (New York)
(Genre: Fantasy)
Queen and her defender, Tiger, seek refuge in the ramshackle cabin. Their search is mercifully at end—for them and the kittens to come. But there’s little time to shield the hearth-hold from the dark Fae who, with their foul tricks and cruel games, seek death for all within.

BLACK CATS – Rikki Boyce (Tennessee)
(Genre: Paranormal)
Carmine’s beloved servant, Jessica, knew he liked things comfy and cat-centric. She dutifully kept them that way. But his comfy world shuddered the day Jessica brought home the sinister figurine. Did Carmine detect the faintest twitch of its porcelain tail?

A QUANTUM OF GRACE – Mark English (New Zealand)
(Genre: Near Future Apocalypse)
Grace is gone missing. The raggedy people are friendly to his kind. They always exchange pleasantries and always return to their hideaways at night. Provoked, the founder of the Long Tom Investigation Bureau & Revenge Agency hires himself—at an exorbitant fee—to find her.

SMILE – E. M. Eastick (Australia)
(Genre: Contemporary Fiction)
City cats have it posh. For feral cats in the Outback it’s a different story. He is hunted by wild dogs, snakes, hawks, and the indigenous folk. But this Tommo—with his mesmerizing weapon of choice—is unlike any predator the feral cat has faced before.

DOSE OF HUMILITY – Lisa Timpf (Canada)
(Genre: Science Fiction)
The pranks fly aboard the spaceship, Meech Lake. Still, it’s serious business for Quicksilver and Pepper when the Galactic Space Services face the Syndicate on Altimus. The danger’s real, but Pepper’s worry is Silver’s penchant for ignoring orders.

SECRETLY PLEASED – Drew Casher (Tennessee)
(Genre: Suspense)
The tabby inhabiting the garden gutted the bird with one swipe of a claw. She leaves the gift for Bickles’ governess. Secretly, Bickles covets the tabby’s life—surviving on instincts and brutality. He imagines ways to prove he’s more than a pampered house cat. He can be brutal as well.

MY PARTNER WENT FIRST – Jessica McHugh (Maryland)
(Genre: Horror)
The Menes Hill cats are anxious. Sonder’s human is murdered. Old Lady Lubbock’s cat, Tyler, invites her to shelter with them. Grief-stricken, Sonder agrees, ignoring her twinge of apprehension. Too often, strays who entered that house do not come out.

THE OUT WORLD – Robin Praytor (Arizona)
(Genre: Contemporary Fiction)
Michael put on the uniform with the shiny buckle and many buttons and left for the out world. When his master didn’t come home, Bear was determined to find him. A big challenge for an unsophisticated house cat who’s never ventured past the front porch.

PRINCE OF EL PARDO – Joel Blackledge (United Kingdom)
(Genre: Historical Fiction)
The cat knew only war and the gutters of Madrid. Fate introduced him to the silken carpets and bountiful table of Generalissimo Franco, where he found comfort and a full belly. As well, the cat found the Generalissimo to be a fickle monarchist and master.

CATSGIVING – Karen Ovér (New York)
(Genre: Paranormal Bent)
The street cats and the officers of the 86th gather for Thanksgiving dinner. Well past his prime, Wump knows this might be his only chance to find a cozy home in which to spend his retirement. A difficult mission for an old cat from the trenches—one who’s more than a little anti-social.

WATCHERS’ WARNING – Caryn Larrinaga (Utah)
(Genre: Horror)
“A fresh start, a new location, new house, new job,” Fiona said. “Never lived anywhere this rural.” Me either, thought Ripley, uneasy. But the Watcher clinging to the ceiling—just like in all her houses before—comforted her. Wait, three watchers? That’s… uh… new!

NOBLE ENOUGH – Patsy Pratt-Herzog (Ohio)
(Genre: Fantasy)
The family’s debt to the evil Baron must be paid. The baker’s son, Thomas, and his rascally feline companion, Basil, petition a wizard for help. But the wizard’s price may be more precious and hazardous than lifelong servitude to the Baron: a quest not suited to baker or cat.

MANUSCRIPTS AND PAW PRINTS – Kathleen Halecki (Massachusetts)
(Genre: Historical Fiction)
The rockstars of the medieval period.
Inky paw prints and carefully drawn images of cats prance and preen across the pages of centuries-old manuscripts. Mischievous pets of the monks. Working mousers. Or did they serve a darker, hidden purpose?

IN SEARCH OF JOY – Roberta M. Gubbins (Michigan)
(Genre: Fable)
A fable to read to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. One spring day, Jones and Smith set out on a hike in search of Joy. The animals they met—Turkey, Opossum, Turtle, and Deer—told delightful and harrowing tales of their lives. Jones and Smith were captivated by all they learned, but none spoke of Joy. Where was it to be found?

KNOCKING ON COFFINS­ – Matt Gomez (Indiana)
(Genre: Horror)
The cat knew the old woman would not survive the coming winter unabetted.
Stephen watched as she fell to her knees and brushed the remaining soil from the hexagonal lid of the pine box. She rapped three times, and they waited. For what? he wondered.

ANOTHER DAY IN THE CITY – Ivanna Sudin-Mendels (France)
(Genre: Paranormal)
How did Scratch convinced Shoo to cross the busy street in Jakarta? The woman who fed strays in her garden was a myth. Sheer nonsense! As soon as they reached her gate, an ill-omened smell assaulted them. But they’d come too far to go back.

SHADOW CATS – Kahnie Rossman (Michigan)
(Genre: Sci-fi & Fantasy)
Over the decades, Starseeker had listened to the Shadow Clan legends. He knew his ancestors sprang from the great cats, and that, sadly, the ability to talk to other beings was lost to them long ago. Still, it was his honor to escort the fabled animals to their new home—though the planet was not as welcoming as he’d hoped.