FROM A CAT’S P.O.V. – Selected Stories

FROM A CAT’S P.O.V. | Selected Stories

The following are among the stories selected for Post-To-Print’s first anthology, FROM A CAT’S P.O.V. While the anthology is building nicely, we have many slots open across all genres. Our submission deadline is March 1, 2018. Every submission will be read and given serious consideration. Where time allows, we are returning developmental comments and edited excerpts, regardless of selection status.

THE OPEN ROAD by Lisa Timpf
Most shun the solitary life; a few seek it.
Quicksilver, ship’s cat by profession, was in the latter group—alone, on the move, and one step ahead of his nightmare—until the day he met it face-to-face.

SPECIAL by Charles Brass
Family was . . . well, family. Maxie was special.
Not fair. But what was Aunt Po’ to do? What did they expect? It wasn’t her fault she’d made it from the gutter into the good life.

THE REAL THING by Tom Larsen
Locked in a vending machine—bummer!
His stomach rumbled. He could hear his little girl calling him home. Leon hoped it’d be a short winter.

THE CAT’S APPRENTICE by Rose Strickman
Change is bad; being ignored is unacceptable.
No one was putting Malcolm in a corner. Not his personal wizard and certainly not this interloper wizard-wannabe.

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