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I’m excited about our first anthology, FROM A CAT’S VIEW, and will shout it from the rooftops when it goes up for pre-order before its official October 2018 publication date. As a thank you for choosing to be among the first to hear our big news, I’d like to share two FREE! bonus stories to read while you wait.        –Robin Praytor, Managing Editor, Post-To-Print Publishers

ALIVE OR DEADSet in Austria in 1935, this charming story chronicals one cat’s struggle to survive and its ultimate rise to fame.


THE CAT AND THE GROOM – It’s hard work protecting your mistress from unwanted suitors but someone has to do it, and Bingo is up to the task.

AS AN ADDED BONUS:  You’ll want to know as soon as FROM A CAT’S VIEW is available for pre-order because on the publication date, the e-book price goes up 60%. (We’ll post the pre-order paperback discount as soon as we get our printing estimates.) You heard it here! And if you’re picking up Christmas stocking-stuffers for your cat-fancying friends and family, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Use the header form or the one below to join our readers’ group and click Submit to download your free copies of “Alive or Dead” and “The Cat and the Groom.” And thanks for sharing your personal information with us–we understand your hesitation. Post-To-Print promises never to abuse the privilege by revealing your information to a third party.


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