Thanks for your interest:

I’ve purchased one table for the annual three-day Crossroads Gun Show at Arizona State Fairgrounds December 6-7-8, 2019. This is not a “tent” event, vendor space is limited to 8-ft. tables that must be purchased well in advance. And, as a first-timer, I had no control over location—it’s a crap shoot. If the show does well, I plan to book all 2020 Crossroads shows in advance, which should give me some input as to location.

I personally think this will be good for books, but that’s just a gut feeling. The times I’ve attended, I saw no other book vendors. But this show is much larger than their regular shows. In prior years it has attracted 10-15K attendance each day. Their regular weekend shows fill the coliseum to capacity, but the December 3-day fills all four buildings and a portion of the parking lot.

Final booking is contingent upon participation of minimum 10 AZ authors.

$15.00 flat booth fee + $1.50/per book sold, includes:

  • booth share for all three days
  • tax collected/paid under Post-To-Print Publishers license
  • display of one 8.5×11 poster/flyer
  • distribution of your book cards, bookmarks, etc.
  • negotiated per book charge on children’s’ books

Additional information:

  • Processing fees for credit card sales are 2.9% + .30 cents; my exact fee via PayPal. So, the processing fee for a $10 book would be .59 cents.
  • Inventory MINIMUM: 5 books per title shipped directly or delivered to Ahwatukee address no later than 11/15/19: Robin Praytor, 9831 S. 43rd Place, Phoenix 85044
  • All genres accepted, including erotica (show attracts an extremely mixed crowd)
  • Allotted space does not accommodate any author co-participation; it’s really tight
  • Show charges $18 adult admittance and a $10 parking fee (That’s stiff… but the attendees are there to spend money!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this is the first time we’ve booked the event and we have very limited space, I have no expectations and can make no promises. I’ve volunteered to assist non-gun vendors in the past and have witnessed brisk sales of jewelry, makeup, apparel, leather goods, and art of various types. Your risk is limited to $15, but you’ll be first in line if the show goes well and you want me to continue carrying your books.

Because of today’s political climate, it’s a difficult show to advertise. If you’re interested, or know of other Arizona authors who may be interested, please share this page link (you can’t access it from the home page) email or call me:

Robin Praytor