Cover Submission Call: Vampire Detective

(Working Title)

DESCRIPTION: “Vampire Detective” is a mystery series. The main character happens to be a vampire—an alien who was stranded on Earth in 30 BCE and who is the origin of all vampire lore. However, other than the first book in the series, the vampire plot is secondary to the mystery plot, and is used to enhance action sequences, insert humor, and provide a secondary story arc. The mystery plot of each book will be central and stand-alone. (Think Stewart Woods’ Stone Barrington series or Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series.)

Each mystery takes place at a point in history that features a historic event. In book one, our hero arrives in ancient Egypt, 30 BCE, just before the Roman invasion, and ultimately involves the Essene sect in Qumran, who hides their religious scrolls in caves to protect them. When the scrolls are found in 1947, they are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

PTP COVER CONCEPT: We envision a cover design to contain identifying elements that do not change from cover to cover—obviously, the title and subtitle (each title will vary only by the date in history; i.e., “Vampire Detective 30 BCE” or “Vampire Detective 1860”), author name, and perhaps a ‘vampire’ element. Then, a scene from or item(s) related to the timeframe or historical event featured in that book. Book one cover might include a Nile scene or an ancient scroll, Egyptian hieroglyphs, a statue—even a space ship. (Pyramids would not be appropriate since the story takes place miles from Cairo.)

GENRE FOCUS PRIMARY: paranormal mystery; historical mystery
GENRE FOCUS SECONDARY: vampire fiction, SF&F

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Book one cover, 8.5×5.5 paperback with an estimated 160-200 pages, glossy cover, cream paper interior.

PAYMENT: $300 for book one cover design in three installments ($100 for approved concept, $100 for approved draft and edits; $100 upon receipt of finished cover). Delivery of the finished design includes exclusive copyright/license and related files for all custom elements which are to be continued on subsequent book covers in the series. If you use a custom/proprietary font, we must be able to purchase our own source license. Your design elements (work product) will be provided to other cover designers to add the applicable historic elements for subsequent book covers. That’s not to say we wouldn’t use the original designer for other books in the series, but we do not want to be limited to one designer inasmuch as we intend the series to exist over an extended timeframe.


– Written concept(s) summary which may include rough draft image(s)/sketch
– Online access to portfolio or previous cover designs
– Designer contact information: Name, email address, phone number, website or other social media URLs.
– Optional: Review copy of designer’s standard contract or letter agreement

Cell 602-814-3467
If you have questions, email, or call week days between the hours 8:00a-5:00p (calls welcomed).

PTP RESPONSE TIME: 30 days from receipt of submission

Thank you for your interest,

Robin Praytor, Author and Managing Editor
Post-To-Print Publishers, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona, USA