Cover Mockup: From a Cat’s View

This is the first cover mockup for FROM A CAT’S VIEW. Note the title change from CAT’S P.O.V. to CAT’S VIEW. (Not all the contributing  authors’ names appear on the mockup.)

Though the final design may change, the art will not. Post-To-Print is fortunate to have contracted with David Chorlton, poet and artist, for the anthology cover and interior artwork. David was born in Austria, and grew up in Manchester, close to the northern English industrial zone. In his early twenties, he went to live in Vienna and from there made many trips around Europe to enjoy and paint its landscapes and towns. Since moving with his wife to Phoenix in 1978, he has grown ever more fascinated by the desert, its wildlife, and the mountain ranges of southern Arizona. The region is a frequent subject of his poetry. To learn more about this talented author and artist, visit his More of David’s sketches for FROM A CAT’S VIEW are displayed on the Selected Stories page.

We encourage you to leave a comment/critique of the cover using the form below. If you love it, let us know, and if don’t, please, let us know. Feedback is golden.

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