There will come a day when the Post-To-Print catalog will overflow with amazing publications by brilliant authors. Unfortunately, today is not that day. This is the “start” in “startup.” A bright spot (for me personally): the trade paperback version of my book was indeed published by Post-To-Print and I am highlighting it below. Prior to establishing PTP, I signed a five-year contract with Kindle Press, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, to publish the ebook version of my first novel. I retain the rights to all print versions.

TRANSMUTED (Dark Landing Series book 1) by Robin Praytor (preview pages)

Space just got complicated.

Dark Landing hums, a cocoon of harmony in the cold vacuum of space. The only excitement occurs at the Saturday night poker games. That’s the way Drew Cutter likes it. Chief of Security in charge of the farthest trading post from any planet, Earth or alien—and wrestling with an overwhelming fear of space—he’s living his dream. When Letty Taleen arrives on the station, Drew thinks he’s met the consummate bluffer, but learns Dark Landing and the Alliance may be threatened by an alien race whose technology has outlived its biology.

Head of the largest conglomerate in the known universe, Letty Taleen receives a message from her father, missing for several weeks, ordering her to travel to Dark Landing. Within days of her arrival, the station sustains an airlock explosion, an inexplicable security breach, and a grisly murder.

Babylon 5 meets Firefly: Transmuted is a space mystery/adventure, jam-packed with action, humor, and romance.

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MASS PRIMARY (Dark Landing Series book 2) by Robin Praytor (e-book available on Amazon).

There are no do-overs in space.

For Curtis Walker, being chief of security on Dark Landing means fighting boredom and feigning integrity. Caught in a quagmire he created, his greater struggle now is survival. That’s an ambitious goal since he can’t tell his friends from his enemies, and the evil alien blackmailing him can assume any form. Forced to team up with his reluctant assistant, the station’s irksome new chief of administration, and the runaway son of an heiress, Curtis discovers only one of them is who they claim to be. Old comrades rush to his team’s aid, but rescue offers no guarantee of survival.

In MASS PRIMARY, book two of the DARK LANDING SERIES, the characters you loved in TRANSMUTED return to play a deadly, and sometimes humorous, game of “Who’s Rescuing Who?” Morals and motives are tested, and loyalties shift with each new plot revelation.